Turning Spindle Tips and Information

Turning Spindle Tips and Information

Turning Spindle Turning is a method used in woodturning whereby a large piece of wood is turned on its center pole. It is different from a lathe in that it uses a spindle which is turned around a shaft which turns a pinion. This is a method by which to turn over large pieces of wood with very little movement and a smooth and effortless motion. Turning a spindle allows the user to have a more uniform and consistent motion which helps create a quality piece of furniture.

Turning a spindle enables the wood to move much smoother than if the wood were turned manually by a hand turner. A hand turner has to make several adjustments such as turning the wood to the desired angle then turning the wood again until they find the correct setting, then making more adjustments and more turning.

Turning a spindle means that there is less stress put on the wood when turning it. Also, a smoother motion is produced by turning the spindle as the wood moves much easier through the turning process than when a hand turner works the wood. There is no movement as it is simply turned by a screw, so the motion is smoother, meaning the wood does not become stressed and breaks easily.

Turning a spindle means that the wood is turned at a lower speed, which means that you do not have to be worried about the wood breaking when turning it. Although it is more expensive than turning a manual lathe, turning a spindle gives you a better quality of finished product.

Turning a spindle does not require tools such as a lathe drill and jigsaw as it only requires you to turn a screw into the spindle. This makes it a simple procedure, as there are no tools required to perform.

Turning a spindle can be useful for woodworkers, particularly those who prefer to turn a larger piece of wood than their small hand turned piece. Turning a spindle means that the wood is turned much smoother and easier and gives a more consistent and smooth finished product.

When turning a spindle, it is important to turn the wood in a direction that enables the wood to pass through the screw correctly. If the wood is not turned correctly it will often break or bend.

When using a turning spindle it is important to not allow the wood to get too hot, the wood must remain cool. Also, the wood should not be turned too fast or it will cause the wood to break.

Turning a spindle means that you will have to turn the wood once more in the same direction and once more to create a perfectly aligned spindle. This means that it is easier to create a perfect straight line of turning.