What Is CNC Grinding?

What Is CNC Grinding?

CNC Grinding is the process of converting a hand-made or machine made product from a stock material by using a computer-controlled CNC grinding machine. A CNC grinding machine generally works by manually controlling the feed and speed of an automatic machine tool by means of a numerical control system (NCS).

In a CNC grinding machine, the system dictates the motion of a series of interchangeable rotating tools which enables the machine operator to manually control the amount of material being ground, the direction of the material, and the speed in which it moves. The tools may be geared up in the same direction, or may be turned in different directions to achieve a variety of results. There are many types of CNC grinding machines and they are typically designed for a variety of work applications.

One type of CNC grinding machine is known as a “spindle” machine. This type of machine works with a rotating wheel mounted on a spindle. The wheel then uses an oscillator motor to turn in a counterclockwise and a clockwise motion, respectively. This type of CNC grinding machine is most often used in industries where cutting time is an important consideration.

The next type of CNC grinding machine is known as a “spool” machine. The rotary screw in the spool acts as a cam which revolves the wheel and produces the opposite effect. It is important to note that the difference between a spool and a spindle may be blurred, however they both operate on similar principals. When these two types of CNC grinding machines are used together, they may produce very similar results.

A third type of CNC grinding machine is referred to as a “gantry” machine. A Gantry CNC grinding machine may also use a roller bearing system to guide the tool between two rotating wheels which allow for more control over the material being used in the grinding process. Some types of Gantry CNC grinding machines are used in various industries including aerospace and automotive, but it is recommended that a CNC grinding machine is used primarily in industry applications as it allows for greater accuracy and faster cutting speeds.

Many CNC grinding machines are designed so that a user can change the material being used, allowing the operator greater control over the finished product. The operator can change the material by changing the rotary tool or by simply reversing the position of the wheel. A typical CNC grinding machine consists of several different types of rotating tool and can provide a wide range of work.